The Value of Me!

I have been independent from quiet a while now, Independent in terms of money and thoughts!

Well I have tried my level best to achieve that status 🙂

I am in the verge of life, where I don’t like people interfering in my thoughts. Now that makes me think again is this what they call independence or heavy head (as people call in many regions for arrogance )

Not really, may be this is something built out of oneself for not liking to be sympathised!!

Oh yeah! this is started when there was a phase of life when I was young and something happened which took away the most important part of life and I was not sure how to handle that situation.People around me became helpless which was definitely an influence  and of course I dint like that state of being helpless. Then it started for the whole world to sympathise me. Yeah! that is at most, max  the world can do.

In the verge of getting out of that society-made virtual world of how I should be, I became self-reliant rather I became careless like saying ‘I Don’t care a damn!’ on the society.

Now that I am married! Did I loose my most important valuable I earned till now ‘my IDENTITY’?

Not really, I am sure I have not let that happen and will not in future!


Inspired by Daily Prompt: value






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