OCT 2015 : Bright sunny afternoon in Sunnyvale Downtown

Yeah I was in sunnyvale downtown! I was daily passing-by these places everyday morning which made me visit this place weekend. yes, I was desperate to explore this place.

This was my second visit to California, the silicon valley of the world !! but it was my first visit to sunnyvale downtown, I was pretty much exited about it because I had never visited a clam downtown before with an exception of San Francisco which not very calm at all!!

Okay, after doing some shopping at Macy’s and Target I was in a very good mood and happy about the cheap deal I got in Macy’s and then went straight into “The Murphy Street” to have a glimpse of the famous restaurants and shops in the lane.

Though I was lazy enough to explore it completely and wanted to stop by for a coffee, my enthu was in the grave and was really tired of walking, so headed back to habitat

Oh yes!! a definitely “visiting again” place. The famous farmers market is definitely on the list for now.

Chao Chao:)


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